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A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting named Vhi, “An imaginary world beyond comprehension”.


This setting once was an attempt to create a world of my own making, instead of running an already existing campaign setting. The main idea was that people should be in awe whilst playing this campaign. The experience of taking part in an epic adventure while being a small part of a much larger plan.

Unfortunately due to lack of time this setting never made it to a running campaign. But nevertheless I'm still designing and writing this setting for the day I get the chance to give life to it. The ruleset this setting is based on is the Pathfinder system which also can perfectly be combined with D&D 3e and D&D 3,5.

The Setting

The word Vhi has many meanings, but all referring to the same thing. It literally means “World”, but it also means the world we live on, and it's also the name of the world. Of all the world only 4 continents are currently known/discovered:
- Vhi Occasta
- Vhi Jamntus
- Vhi Bhayhara
- Vhi Sirvhara
Nobody knows how many other continents exist. But… nobody is such a big word. Because among the population there are some individuals who actually have come from the unknown continents.

How to use this wiki

This is a standalone campaign setting orginally build on 3.5th edtion D&D rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Besides this book you will need the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) and the Monster Manual (MM). This Setting also works with the ruleset of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Besides these pages you need the Beastiary and Core Rulebook in order to play. Other supplements for the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder should work fine in this campaign setting. Note that you should review the books before you add anything to the campaign setting. Please note that this book is both intended for players as well the dungeon master. Players should use this book as a guide to make their characters and history, while the dungeon master can use this book to make adventures.

Pathfinder Reference

This wiki uses bit and parts from the pathfinder to fill in de basic information taken from the Pathfinder Rolepying Game Reference Document by Paizo

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